At NC SERVICE we can value and purchase either your machine tool or machinery, should you be interested in selling or replacing your current machine.

At NC SERVICE we can offer you the valuation and solution best adapted to your own particular needs, so that the withdrawal of your machine from the market gives you no cause for concern, and may even be an opportunity for our customers, offering them the possibility of purchasing machines that are more in line with their production and quality requirements. To do so, we'll take care of all the formalities relating to the sale of your used machinery and we'll put all the experience of our technical department at your service .

If you are interested in selling your used machine, then get in contact with us, indicating your contact details and the details of the equipment to be sold. Should you be interested, we could also arrange a visit to your plant to allow NC SERVICE to give a more detailed valuation of the machine or machines you are interesting in selling or replacing.

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