Since 1999, NC SERVICE has specialised in the retrofitting and sale of second-hand milling machines.

We are part of the NICOLAS CORREA, S.A. industrial group, we initially focussed on the commissioning and maintenance of the CORREA milling machines, and are currently providing a quality Technical Support Service for this brand.

Since then, we have gone on to successfully expand our scope of business to include the retrofitting of second-hand milling machines in general and, as a result, we have now become a benchmark company in the occasion machine sales market. Our expert team of professionals are able to upgrade your milling machine to meet the technological and quality levels demanded by the market at all times. We are working with first class milling machines brands like CORREA, ANAYAK, ZAYER and SORALUCE, with results according to our clients expectations.

Although we specialise in milling machines, we can also successfully retrofit all types of machine tools whilst we additionally offer a wide range of new machines for sale.

Our key mission is always to strive for customer satisfaction.

About us

retrofitting and sale of second-hand milling machines

NC SERVICE is a benchmark company, specialising in retrofitting second-hand milling machines with particular emphasis on the CORREA, ANAYAK, ZAYER and SORALUCE brands. At NC SERVICE, we are able to technologically upgrade these machines, to ensure that not only do they perform to their original accuracy and functionality, but are also include the very latest features offered on the market.

We sell occasion milling machines that are fully retrofitted and guaranteed, offering excellent reliability and productivity.

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Technical support service

At NC SERVICE we provide a high quality Technical Support Service (TSS), specially to those CORREA milling machines users.

We also provide Technical Assistance for other machine tools from those manufacturers with whom we have representation agreements.

Sale of new machines

At NC SERVICE, we sell new machines such as milling machines, grinders, measuring machines, machining and grinding centres, representing a number of internationally-recognised brands. In this way we have expanded our range of second-hand machines and our technical support service to users of new equipment.

Innovation and development

At NC SERVICE we are committed to innovation and development, both of which are key characteristics in the NCSA Group, which we are members of.