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Bed type milling machine CORREA A30/40 - 6300110

  • Type: Bed type
  • Brand: Correa
  • Model: A30/40
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Bed type milling machine CORREA CF17D - 968732

  • Type: Bed type
  • Brand: Correa
  • Model: CF17D
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Gantry milling machine CORREA FPM60 - 8800901

  • Type: Bridge type
  • Brand: Correa
  • Model: FPM60
  • View MSDS

Mobile column milling machine ANAYAK HVM-2300 - 1991

  • Type: Floor type
  • Brand: Anayak
  • Model: HVM-2300
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We're leaders in retrofitting milling machines and other machine tools, in order to restore them to OEM performance levels.

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New machinery from leading brands such as CORREA, Landis, Giustina, Adcole and MAG IAS (Ex-Cell-O).

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Specialists in the purchase and sale of used industrial machinery. We are your solution!

Over the last 20 years, Nicolás Correa Service has been dedicated to the purchase and sale of used industrial machinery, being leaders in the purchase, refurbishment and sale of CNC milling machines. We offer the best machining solutions available on the market. This is because, not only are we concerned with the purchase of leading brand machines, but we are renowned for the quality and reliability of our retrofitting work before putting the machines on the market for sale to the end customer.

This industrial machinery is shipped from our plant with a complete guarantee, thanks to the detailed refurbishment process carried out at our facilities.