Below we show some of the most frequently asked questions related to the activity in NC SERVICE

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At NC Service Milling Machines, S.A we completely overhaul machines and milling machines, refurbishing and repairing the entire machine to quickly and reliably ensure that it meets each customer´s needs and market demands at all times.

The overhauling work is performed at NC SERVICE, adapting it to suit each specific machine and encompassing tasks such as the replacement of motors, variable drives or speed regulators, the adjustment and replacement of parts such as guides and bearings, component machining and grinding, the complete review of the machine geometry, the repair or replacement of electric or electronic items, the complete replacement of numerical controls, the complete cleaning and painting of the machine, possible upgrading to meet standards and regulations, etc.

We are therefore able to take a machine which, after operating for a number of years, either has obsolete technology, is not completely reliable due to mechanical play or other malfunctions, and overhaul it to become a machine which not only looks like new, but has OEM functionality, reliability, robustness and performance levels.

Customers coming to NC Service Milling Machines, S.A normally demand increased production capacity for the machine, with a lead time and a capital outlay which is far less than that of a new machine.

Our Engineering Department is capable of completely overhauling a machine, leaving it in perfect operating conditions and with full operational reliability within a very short timeframe, being far shorter than the lead time for a new machine.

What´s more, during the overhauling work, in order to ensure that there is no interruption to our customer´s production process, NC SERVICE offers the possibility of the temporary use of a machine of similar characteristics. We are even prepared to purchase your old milling machine and replace it with an overhauled one from our stock.

The services most requested from NC Service Milling Machines, S.A involve the repair of milling machine heads, which need to withstand considerable stress and loads during operation. Due to this increased deterioration and wear, at NC SERVICE we repair a large number of heads. On other occasions the customer requests a higher speed range (RPM), requiring us to adapt the head and machine to achieve a greater processing speed.

Another service greatly demanded by our customers is the upgrade or replacement of the machine numerical control and all the electronics, as these are ever-changing components which become obsolete over time.

Furthermore, our customers are becoming increasingly demanding and place greater emphasis on the precision and geometry of their machines. Our highly-qualified personnel therefore make a geometric inspection, performing excellent levelling work, whilst all corrections are made using a laser interferometer.

At NC Service Milling Machines, S.A, the largest number of machines received for repairs and overhauling correspond to numerical control machines with an average age of 15 years.

We particularly specialise in either overhauling or repairing CNC milling machines made by CORREA, although our customers are increasingly requesting us to refurbish and repair other brands basically ANAYAK, ZAYER and SORALUCE milling machines and other types of machines.

The repairs are made at the customer´s facilities, unless the repair work is highly specific, whilst the overhauling work is performed at the NC SERVICE facilities.

Machines which are either repaired or sold as overhauled are principally from the machining sector in general, in addition to the automobile, railway and aeronautical sectors. This latter sector is recording the highest growth in demand with regard to second-hand milling machines.

Contact our TECHNICAL SUPPORT SERVICE, informing us of the machine type, make and model and the incident in question. We´ll give you a solution in the shortest possible timeframe. NC Service Milling Machines, S.A is committed to offering our customers an early support, as we are fully aware of the tremendous repercussions of a production stoppage.

For this reason, thanks to our extensive experience and knowledge of the sector, we are able to diagnose, analyse and resolve any technical problem in our customers´ machines with a fast, high-quality service.

The extensive knowledge and experience gained by the team at NC Service Milling Machines, S.A with regard to the repair of milling machines and machine tools in general, must necessarily be combined with a wide range of spare parts. This is specifically directed at providing the fastest possible response and action to help resolve any incident involving our customers´ machines.

Therefore, NC SERVICE has a wide range of spares, for the machines being overhauled and also for the brands we represent (CORREA milling machines, CINETIC LANDIS and CINETIC GIUSTINA grinders, MAG IAS machining centres, and ADCOLE measuring gauges), including heads, regulators, numerical controls, screws, pistons, etc.

Our customers simply need to contact us, indicating the type of spare required and we´ll supply it in the shortest timeframe possible.

Whenever our customers consult us about one of their machines which has become obsolete over time, then NC Service Milling Machines, S.A has the capacity to technologically upgrade it or to extend the functionality of the equipment by fitting new features which make it possible to improve the original performance and functionality of the machine or milling machine, tailored to suit the needs of each particular customer.

In this way, our highly qualified Engineering Department is capable of lengthening the useful life of the machines with a full operational guarantee, with regard to the mechanics, electrics and electronics, enhancing our customer´s competitiveness in a short timeframe.

To do so, our work involves replacing the numerical control with a latest generation model, increasing the working capacity of the machines, the installation of CNC-PC communication systems, improvements in the PLC software, etc.

Yes, of course! Here at NC Service Milling Machines, S.A we can optimise the productivity of an old machine or milling machine, whilst lengthening its useful life; yet with a lower capital outlay and in a shorter timeframe, when compared to the purchase of an equivalent new machine.

This alternative of repairing and upgrading an old machine has the advantage of an earlier commencement of investment payback than when purchasing a new machine, avoiding long-term investment return prospects. Furthermore, this work increases and improves the customer´s production by returning the machine to its original performance.

Decidedly the fact that we have more than 25 years´ experience in overhauling and providing technical support for machine tools, as well as in the sale of second hand milling machines with all the profits of a new milling machine.

We would specifically highlight our range of overhauled CORREA milling machines, where our experience directly acquired from this manufacturer clearly sets us apart from other companies on the market due to the high quality of the overhauling process performed by NC SERVICE on the milling machines of this brand and the reliability of our results.

For all these reasons, the added value that our engineers at NC SERVICE give the machines during the refurbishing process, sets us apart from other companies, as we can offer our customers the reliability, competitiveness and productivity demanded by the market.

Here at NC Service Milling Machines, S.A, we offer our customers the possibility of taking out a maintenance contract with us, during which our skilled Engineering Department will be responsible for performing a series of actions directed at reducing the probability of breakdowns occurring and preventing the machine from deteriorating.

Our mission is always to maximise the productivity and reliability of our customers´ machines and equipment and, by means of this preventive maintenance of milling machines with schedules based on each customer´s specific machine model and equipment, we can achieve these objectives by reducing the number of breakdowns that most commonly occur in each type of machine and the forward planning of inspections, repairs and the provision of spares, using highly qualified personnel and the best resources in each case.

At NC Service Milling Machines, S.A we represent a number of leading international brands of new machines, so that we can provide our customers with a wide range of options to cover all their needs.

With regard to numerical control milling machines, we represent the CORREA brand in central and southern Spain. We also represent other brands such as the CINETIC LANDIS and CINETIC GIUSTINA grinders, the MAG IAS machining and grinding centres and the ADCOLE crankshaft and camshaft gauges.

Our customers simply have to let us know their needs so that we can use our extensive experience to provide them with the best solution on the market.