A returning customer once more puts its trust in Nicolás Correa Service, by purchasing two more retrofitted CORREA milling machines: CF22/25 and A30/30

The satisfaction with the CORREA milling machine purchased in 2017 was such that this customer from South Wales took the decision to invest in the purchase of a further two milling machines retrofitted by Nicolás Correa Service, S.A.

Used refurbished milling machines - Nicolás Correa Service

On Declarations of the Director of this company: “Just taken delivery of our third refurbished Correa. First was a ‘Prisma 20’ in 2018, second was a ‘CF22/25’ in July 2019 and in January we received an ‘A30/30’. As usual the service was impeccable from sales to commissioning. Thank you all at NC Service, especially to Costumers Care Department, regularly in contact with news and photos throughout the refurbishment” 

The company in question is Bartlett Engineering (South Wales) Ltd. Midway through 2019, it once again made enquiries about the bed-type CORREA milling machines, and finally purchased two of these to be added to its machinery pool. The CORREA CF22/25 milling machine was the first one to be purchased and, as it had already been retrofitted, it was immediately transported and installed at this Welsh company based in Port Talbot. The immediate availability of this milling machine and its excellent machining conditions, certified to the appropriate precision and geometry protocols, prompted this company, which is a leader in the provision of machines services and in the manufacture of components and assemblies, to purchase the machine. 

At the same time, Bartlett Engineering Ltd. also ordered the CORREA A30/30 milling machine, which was to be completely mechanically retrofitted, together with the installation of a new Heidenhain TNC320 numerical control. Nicolás Correa Service commenced this retrofitting process after receiving the order and completed the work by mid-December, keeping the customer up-to-date with the progress of the work and the decisions taken at all times.

Finally, the Nicolás Correa Service technicians carried out the installation and commissioning of this CORREA A30/30 milling machine during the third week of January 2020, due to the fact that the customer was able to make cranes available on these dates. 

These milling machines are currently operating at full production at Bartlett Engineering Ltd. together with the CORREA PRISMA20 milling machine, acquired at an earlier date. This customer has once again placed its trust in the quality and reliability of the CORREA brand, based on its good experience with the NC Service retrofitting process.