A second-hand milling machine or a new one? A second chance for milling machines

When deciding on the purchase of industrial machinery, an increasing number of people are going for the option to purchase used machines on the second-hand market. 

In fact, when deciding on the purchase of a retrofitted second-hand milling machine, Nicolás Correa Service is a first option, given that our retrofitting or technology upgrade process offers precise machining and with the NC Service guarantee of quality. These CNC milling machines are fully reliable, practically achieving the performance level of new machines, while being far more affordable, without mentioning the environmental advantages.

Used refurbished milling machine_Nicolás-Correa-Service

Advantages of the purchase of second-hand milling machines

We need to do away with the idea that the quality of second-hand machinery is inferior or that it will have a shorter service life. Thanks to its retrofitting option, NC Service is able to return the machines to their original performance, guaranteeing precision machining and with the NC Service guarantee of quality. Moreover, on some occasions we implement the very latest market technology in order to address the obsolescence of the milling machines and make them more competitive, by improving their initial factory performance. 

The 4 advantages of purchasing a retrofitted milling machine: 

  • Shorter lead times: The delivery of a retrofitted milling machine, even when adapted to meet the customer´s specific requirements, is less than that of a new milling machine.
    Furthermore, we have a stock of retrofitted milling machines that are ready for immediate delivery. With no need to wait!
  • Lower investment: A new milling machine costs far more than the purchase of a retrofitted one. This is a key factor, making this a viable option for many companies given that, for a lower investment, they can get a milling machine that offers precision machining and a perfect finish. Furthermore, our offer also includes the possibility of taking your CNC milling machine to our facilities, to either retrofit or upgrade it to suit your new demands, thereby representing a smaller investment.
  • Environmental impacts: We are all responsible for being more aware of the need to care for the environment and to act accordingly. By giving milling machines a second chance, we are helping to achieve this by avoiding the manufacture of more polluting and non-biodegradable materials through the re-use of existing materials.
  • Less devaluation: Should you find that the milling machine no longer serves your purpose, due to the progress of your business, then you will be able to sell it on the market at a price that is relatively proportional to the purchase price, greater than that of similar second-hand milling machines. This is not the case for new machines, many of which are devalued once commissioned. 

To sum up, a retrofitted second-hand milling machine can last as long as when it was first purchased, offering the same machining guarantees. If you´re considering this option, we hope that we´ve convinced you!

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