At NC Service, we´re aware of the demands for excellent dynamism, high flexibility and extraordinary precision required by the Aeronautical sector for machining its parts and components.

Our experience is particularly evident in our extensive knowledge of high performance milling machines, dedicated to the production of tooling and structural parts for aerospace applications. Our portal or gantry milling machines are the most demanded by our customers in the aeronautical sector, given their great capacity with regard to the size of the part to be machined and the high-speed machining possibility. In this respect, we would highlight the machining of tools for manufacturing and assembling composites in aeronautical structures, or civil or military aircraft frames, which are milled by our machines.

Titanium milling requires an extremely rigid, accurate machine tool given the fact that this material maintains its strength and resistance at high temperatures and, moreover, the tool must be able to withstand high temperatures due to the heat concentration in the cutting area. Whilst for machining aluminium, the mandrel must rotate at a high speed. For all these reasons, the adjustment or mechanical overhauling carried out at the NC SERVICE facilities before delivering the machine tool for the aeronautical sector to the customer, is of vital importance.

The high productivity, quality and mechanical strength of our machines are essential ingredients for optimal machining in the aerospace sector and are key factors in the selection of these machines by our customers. This is due to the fact that much material needs to be removed in this type of machining and the final accuracy of the part geometry is extremely important.

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