What is a bridge-type CNC milling machine?

Bridge type CNC milling machines offer a heavy-duty chip removal capacity, specifically directed at machining applications in the Automotive, Aeronautics, Capital Goods and Railway sectors, among others.

CNC bridge type CORREA milling machines

Bridge type CNC milling machines

Bridge-type milling machines are also known as portal milling machines, comprising a crossbar or bridge which holds the ram-head unit, supported on two columns. This portal can either be a fixed column, with the table travelling longitudinally, or a fixed table and travelling column, which is then called a Gantry type milling machine.

In the case of the bridge-type milling machines made by CORREA, particular mention should be made of their high-precision machining capacity and superb performance. Furthermore, thanks to the combination of rigidity and excellent dynamic performance, this bridge milling machine is noted for its extraordinary reliability and robust structure, to offer a highly flexible machining solution for medium to large-sized parts.

At NC Service, we have a wide range of second-hand bridge-type CORREA milling machines, sourced from our business activity which is focused on the purchase and sale of used machinery. All these bridge mill machines are sold under warranty and with the implementation of the geometry protocols established by the manufacturer. While some machines undergo a full mechanical retrofitting processes that can also include the replacement of the milling head, upgrades of the numerical control, the installation of new accessories, etc., others undergo inspection processes, always according to the quality of the CORREA brand and our guarantee and professionalism in the retrofitting of CNC milling machines.

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