Are you interested in learning more about the main features of this new CORREA milling machine that is now available for sale?

We´re referring to the CORREA CF22/25-Plus fixed bench milling machine, which has recently been completely retrofitted and is now ready and waiting at our facilities to get to know its future owner.

Main features of the used CNC CORREA milling machine after retrofitting

CNC CORREA milling machine refurbished by NC SERVICE


This CORREA CNC milling machine offers the following key features:

  • UDG type Universal Auto-indexing head with indexed positions of 2.5º,
  • HEIDENHAIN TNC-530 numerical control,
  • Longitudinal chip conveyor,
  • And its most outstanding feature is a 30-tool automatic tool changer (ATC-30), which considerably improves the performance of this second-hand milling machine.


So, despite its compact size, with a longitudinal travel of two and a half metres and horizontal and vertical travel of 800 mm, these characteristics make this used milling machine the perfect solution for machining small-scale parts with some superb results.

What is more, the complete retrofitting process at our facilities has been certified with the geometry and precision protocols of the manufacturer NICOLAS CORREA, thereby guaranteeing the excellent machining conditions of this milling machine.



Thanks to all these features, together with the exceptional machine geometry following the retrofitting process, the end customer purchasing this occasion CORREA milling machine will be able to benefit from its unique versatility and operating capacity. It is therefore the ideal solution for companies requiring high performance for small-scale machining.