At NC Service we purchase second hand milling machines and other industrial machinery from our customers

At Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. we purchase second hand industrial machinery that has either become obsolete or needs repair, offering our customers the possibility of selling their used machines or milling machines that are no longer of interest.

Purchase of second hand machinery

At some point in time, a milling machine or other industrial machine will become obsolete, particularly from a technological point of view. As a result, customers are no longer able to maintain the optimal productivity and product quality levels demanded by the market. In these cases, NC Service offers the possibility of upgrading your milling machine or industrial machinery, by revamping the numerical control, whilst not forgetting its mechanical retrofitting, guaranteeing the technological upgrading of the machine to the precision and production values demanded by our customers.

On other occasions, companies aim to renew their machinery by selling their old machines or models. At NC Service we make a valuation and help our customers to sell this used industrial machinery. At the same time, the purchase of retrofitted milling machines could be an opportunity to obtain the same-as-new performance at a lower price and with a shorter lead time. If, moreover, a company has a specific CORREA milling machine model, then it can take advantage of our stock of retrofitted milling machines to purchase the same model, in excellent conditions, making use not only of the foundations and the space occupied by the old machine, but also benefiting from minimal production stoppages, given the fact that, depending on the model, this changeover can be made in as little as 4 days.

Likewise, the winding-up of a company may be an opportunity for your business, given the fact that the CORREA brand second hand milling machines purchased by NC Service are principally sourced from the winding-up and auctioning of companies that are closing down production. Some good examples of this include the purchase of two CORREA SUPRA90 and SUPRA120 milling machines from a company being wound up in Germany, a CF17D milling machine in Spain, and even complete lots of machines purchased from companies being closed down in Spain and Europe alike.

Therefore, if you´re interested in selling your used industrial machine or milling machine, we´d like to invite you to contact us indicating your details and information on the machine that you´d like to sell. You also have the option of requesting a visit from one of our sales representatives to value your used machine on site.