At NC Service we provide our customers with high quality solutions for the milling and grinding to be made at engine and body production plants. It´s in the AUTOMOBILE SECTOR, governed by minimal part grinding cycles and high duty cycles, where the accuracy and high productivity of our machines becomes a decisive factor in the decision to purchase.

At NC SERVICE we are aware of the importance of the precision and speed of the work performed by the camshaft and crankshaft grinding machines, where the parts have very small roundness and straightness tolerances of just a few microns, and where the statistical figures for production quality are high.

The preparation and maintenance of dies is yet another area in which our gantry, travelling column and travelling table milling machines provide the versatility, precision and time saving required to meet the needs of this demanding market.

NC SERVICE also offers a TECHNICAL SUPPORT SERVICE able to respond to the high production demands of the automobile sector. And, even more importantly, it has the technical capacity and response time to deal with any incident. We have highly qualified professionals in two important machining branches: milling and grinding.

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