Bearings replacing and ball screws preloading during milling machines refurbishing process

Having bearings and ball screws in excellent conditions in a CNC milling machine, become essential for achieving a clean and vibration-free shaft movement in the axes. These elements allow axes displacement with friction-less than for sliding movement and, therefore, with low friction losses.

Ball screw rotates, thanks to an engine, transforming its rotational movement into linear movement on the axes. Bearings are located at the ends of the spindle for supporting them as well as for making their movement possible.

Bearings and ball screws - Second hand milling machine

Bearings ans Ball screw

Due to the enormous importance of the good condition of these elements to achieve excellent machining later, bearings are replaced and ball screws are preloaded every time a refurbishment process of milling machines takes place at Nicolás Correa Service, avoiding like this possible looseness, vibrations, high engine consumptions or poor productivity results. 

This video shows an example of how this process is made for this bridge type CORREA FP40/50 milling machine’s Y axis.