Bed type Correa CF22/20 milling machine refurbished by Nicolás Correa Service

A full mechanical refurbishment and total electronic inspection carried out by our experienced technical team have been carried out to this milling machine, acquired on the second-hand milling machine market.  The result is an optimal quality bed type milling machine Correa CF22/20 with and excellent performance, very close to what it had when first being manufactured in 1996.

Refurbishment process of the CORREA CF22/20 milling machine

Among its technical features, a CNC Heidenhain TNC-426, electronic handwheel HR-410 and manual universal milling head are highlighted. While its longitudinal traverse is 2,000 mm, both vertical and transversal axes have 800 mm.

refurbished milling machine ideal for companies with limited space but need to perform high precision machining.

Don’t miss this video to see this used CORREA CF22/20 milling machine and its refurbishment process!