Collimator’s utilization during the installation of new linear guideways

When new linear guideways are installed during the refurbishment process of a milling machine in order to guarantee an excellent accuracy in the final machining, a collimator is used in Nicolas Correa Service. This is a very precise measuring instrument that verifies the correct installation of these guideways, rejecting possible deviations in rectitude and parallelism.

Digital collimator - Installation of new guideways

Digital collimator. Installation new guideways.

In order to check this precise installation of the new guideways, once the structural element on which the guideways are placed has been levelled, the collimator is zeroed at both ends of the guideways. Afterwards the collimator is moved every 200 mm, and measurements are taken to perceive if there are any straightness and parallelism deviations along its travel. If a deviation is detected, the linear guideway’s support in the structural element should be adjusted.

This video shows you the process described above during the refurbishment of a high-speed CORREA EURO2000 milling centre.