CORREA PRISMA35 milling machine installed in Holland

Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. has recently commissioned a fixed bed CORREA PRISMA 35 milling machine for a customer in Holland, once the machine had been fully inspected and retrofitted at the company´s facilities in Burgos.

CORREA PRISMA35 milling machine refurbished by NC Service

This CORREA PRISMA35 fixed bench milling machine is one of the most recently manufactured CORREA models. Specifically, this machine was manufactured in 2007, based on the concept of precision and rigidity that is characteristic of the CORREA brand. Developed using latest-generation technologies, this milling machine offers excellent versatility together with great rigidity. The machine has a travel of 3,500 mm on the X axis, and 1,000 mm on the Y and Z axes.

Among its accessories, particular mention should be made of its UDG type auto-indexing head with indexed positions of 2.5º, 30-post automatic tool changer and the Heidenhain TNC-530 numerical control, together with other important features such as chip removal, coolant through the spindle and electronic wheel. Its design and all its features make this the ideal milling machine for highly versatile work, guaranteeing precision and speed in all machining operations.

At the NC Service facilities, the structural parts of the machine were completely dismounted for full inspection and the adjustment of the 3 machine axes. The final inspection was based on the geometry and precision protocols established by CORREA, the milling machine manufacturer. All the electrics were also inspected, as well as the automatic milling head, replacing the bearings and grinding the main spindle. The priming and repainting then returned this milling machine to its original as-new condition and under the same operating protocols as when it was originally sold.

The end customer for this milling machine was the Dutch company KEN CONSTRUCTION B.V.. This company, which is part of the KEN group, has many years´ experience in the supply of construction parts and spares, and in the manufacture of complete special machines, and special parts and tools. For this purpose, it has a large number of the best brands of machining centres and CNC milling machines, giving the company the necessary capacity to perform high quality turning and milling. As part of the transaction, the customer withdrew its old CORREA PRISMA25 with a manual head, which has become part of NC Service´s stock of machines awaiting retrofitting.

With the replacement of its Prisma25 by this CORREA PRISMA35, the company will now be in a position to considerably increase its production capacity and, thanks to the complete retrofit made by NC Service, this milling machine will once again offer the highest machining precision and quality of finish that are sure to satisfy the demands of its customers.