Travelling Column CNC milling machine CORREANAYAK HVM-140 - 220091


Type of milling machine

  • Type: Travelling Column
  • Brand: Correanayak
  • Model: HVM-140
  • Year of manufacture: 2016
  • Numerical control: HEIDENHAIN TNC-i530
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CORREANAYAK HVM mobile column milling machine, with “T” configuration as the main design concept, which provides high capacity for roughing and finishing. The travelling column of great rigidity and the fixed head support, allow high machining accuracy while the milling machine presents a longer useful life and guarantee of geometry for a longer time.

Featuring a total 14 meters along its longitudinal axis, highlight its 3.5 meters in vertical traverse, as well as its auto-indexing UAD head and latest generation HEIDENHAIN CNC.

Used travelling column milling machine with full retrofitting.

Technical features

Traverses of axis

  • X axis traverse: 14000 mm
  • Y axis traverse: 1500 mm
  • Z axis traverse: 3500 mm

Milling head

  • Auto-indexing differential head UAD (0,02 x 0,02º)
  • Tool clamping system: Hydraulic
  • Taper nose: ISO50   /   Pull stud: DIN 69872
  • Speed range: 6000 rpm
  • Spindle power: 37 kW


  • Feedrate: 6000 mm/min
  • Rapid feedrate (X, Y, Z): 15000 mm/min

Weight and dimensions

  • Maximum weight on table: 36000 Kg
  • Machine weight approximate: 70000 Kg
  • Machine dimensions approximate (LxWxH): 24120 x 4325 x 6070 mm


  • Guarding: not included
  • External & hight pressure internal coolant through spindle
  • Lngitudinal chip conveyor
  • Electronic handwheel: HR-550
  • Operator’s liftable cabinet
  • Tool clamping foot pedal

Sales conditions

  • Sale price (Ex Work): On request
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