Do you know about our 3 contracts of maintenance of milling machines?

At NC Service Milling Machines, S.A., we are pleased to offer our customers the option to take out a contract for the Preventive Maintenance of their CNC Milling Machines.

Maintenance of Milling Machines by NC Service

Manintenance of milling machines


Based on an in-depth study that took into account all the CNC milling machine components, we prepared a proactive Maintenance Programme that is perfectly suited to our customers´ milling machines and to their productivity and machining needs.

We are focussed on minimising the appearance of potential breakdowns and on maximising the productivity of the milling machines and also the machine operating time.

At NC Service we offer our customers a choice of three different milling machine Maintenance Contracts:

  • Basic level milling machine Preventive Maintenance Contract.
    Including a report on condition, a diagnosis of possible errors and adjustment of travel.


  • Standard level Preventive Maintenance Contract.         
    In addition to the above, the machine levelling and geometry are checked.


  • Premium level milling machine Preventive Maintenance Contract.         
    In addition to the services provided by the above two levels, this contract also includes the dynamic adjustment of the CNC milling machine, returning it to tolerances that are very close to those obtained when the machine was first built.


With these actions and the planning of each operation and inspection, it is possible to reduce and eliminate the most frequent milling machine failures and, moreover, to get the necessary spare parts in advance, for each specific case, keeping the customer´s production downtime to a minimum.

This all allows us to increase the useful life and performance of our customers´ milling machines, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction with the machine purchased and its production capacity.

If you have a CNC milling machine and are looking to reliably lengthen its useful life, please enquire about our Maintenance of Milling Machines Services. We offer customised agreements, tailored to the needs of each customer and each machine.

Please feel free to enquire!