Do you know which are the main parts in a CORREA bed-type milling machine?

Check the main parts of a fixed bed type CORREA milling machine with movable table, in which Nicolas Correa Service, S.A. bases its retrofitting processes.

Main parts of a bed type CORREA milling machine

Check the main elements in the following example of a CORREA PRISMA 35 milling machine retrofitted by NC Service:

Milling head: Mechanism responsible for holding and pointing the tool, making use of the power and speed provided by the spindle in order to make an optimal mechanizing. 

Electrical cabinet: Contains and isolates the electrical circuits, reducing overload risks and providing safety conditions. 

Automatic Tool Changer: Handles the tools automatically, saving time. 

CNC: Controls all the electrical elements by means of a software and a combination of commands. 

Working table: Slotted surface where the part to be mechanized is supported. 

Bed: Provides a fixture to the ground. 

Guarding: Doors and other elements providing safety to the operator, preventing the projection of chips. 

Framework: Rigid support for the ram, moving vertically. 

Ram: Holding the head in its edge, it moves in cross direction on the framework and includes the whole drive chain necessary for mechanizing. 

Chip conveyor: Evacuates the chips produced while machining outside the machine.