At NC Service Milling Machines, S.A we are able to meet the needs of markets as diverse as the plastics or metal market, thanks to the versatility provided by our wide range of milling machines (universal, gantry, travelling table, travelling column, etc.) and other machines such as lathes or boring machines available.

In this way, mould manufacturers dedicated to plastic injection, need our smaller machines to give the versatility required to adapt to extremely variable geometries, whilst, for the light metal working sector, particular mention should be made of our milling machines to mechanise machinery frames and protections.

The travelling column milling machines available at NC SERVICE are, in turn, a benchmark in this sector, due to their great adaptability to extremely long parts. With regard to heavy metal work, it is possible to mention many different examples of units milled on our machines, such as power plant structures and wind turbine bases.

In all these sectors, in which high quality machining is demanded, the inclusion of best practices becomes an exceedingly important difference in competitiveness. Our machines are able to meet the needs of our customers with regard to the high quality of the machining finish and lower lead times and production costs.

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