Have you ever thought about retrofitting your milling machine and improve your competitiveness?

The refurbishment of your milling machine is without a doubt a great option to increase both your machine´s production capacity as well as your market competitiveness. The quality result will be obtained with a lower outlay and shorter delivery time than the one needed when acquiring a new machine.

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Milling machine refurbishment - Nicolás Correa Service

Your milling machine will have again an excellent both working performance and machining accuracy after the retrofitting process. This will improve the quality and productivity of your machining work. Besides, its useful life will be also extended, and all this with guarantees.

At NC Service we offer you the following options for retrofitting your milling machine:

  • Mechanical retrofitting: With the use of the milling machine, clearances, deviations and damages appear in its main elements. This results in a loss of quality and productivity in the machining. The complete mechanical retrofitting that we carry out, always under the manufacturer´s technical instructions, with original spare parts and the most appropriate techniques in each case, will ensure that your milling machine returns to its original factory’s performance. The results will be guaranteed and certified with the geometry protocols also established by the manufacturer. Neither will be any expenses derived from civil works, since the foundations, anchoring elements and connections of the machine will be the same.
  • Technological update: Due to the passage of time, milling machines become obsoletes, as technology progression makes them lose competitiveness in the market. Our engineering department is capable of programming and installing a latest-generation control unit on your milling machine, combined with the previous mechanical retrofitting, allows your machine to improve its original factory performance with total operation reliability.
  • Installation of new components: Occasionally, not only the mechanics and the CNC of the machine can be upgraded, but the connection of new equipment is possible. The replacement of manual milling heads by automatic ones, the installation of automatic tool changers or other accessories such as coolant through spindle, chips conveyors, new guarding, or measuring probes, are some of the main elements normally demanded by our customers during the refurbishment of their milling machines. All these improvements will allow a considerable improvement and optimization of your production.

In the end, your milling machine will be almost like a new one again, in a considerable shorter time than when acquiring new machine. In addition, during the time the overhauling process is going on, preventing your production process to be interrupted, NC Service can provide you with a milling machine of similar characteristics.

And, of course, you always have the option of selling us your used milling machine, and purchase one already being refurbished by our team. Visit our website and ask us without obligation.