NC Service acquires two new CORREA milling machines in the second hand market, for retrofitting

Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. has acquired two milling machines on the second hand market, namely the CORREA CF17D fixed bed milling machine, and the CORREA EURO2000 bridge type.

Second hand CORREA milling machines retrofitting CF17D and CORREA EURO2000

On the one hand, the fixed bed machine, CORREA CF17D, purchased in France, features independent guideways with tempered steel inserts and resin counter-guides on all three axes. The machine is equipped with tempered and ground ball bearing spindles in all movements and, additionally, a hydraulic counterweight for the vertical movement. It features an electronic hand wheel and universal head with a hydraulic tool clamp. This is an ideal milling machine for the precision machining of parts, with an X axis travel of 2000 mm, and 800 mm on the Y and Z axes.

Furthermore, the company has purchased the CORREA EURO2000 bridge type milling machine on the UK market. This was the first high-speed vertical machining model to be designed by NICOLAS CORREA, using the finite element method to calculate the structure. This high capacity milling machine features an integrated gantry, a generously sized, strongly-ribbed, alloyed cast iron structure, an integrated electro-spindle head, swarf removal with a raised discharge point and a 24 pocket tool magazine, amongst other performance characteristics. The machine has a 2000 mm travel on the X axis, 1250 mm on the Y axis and 650 mm on the Z axis. It is designed for high speed, high precision work, with a DBC of 1250 mm, permitting a maximum part volume of 2300 x 1240 x 800 mm.

The NC engineers are ready to perform the complete retrofit of both milling machines over the next few months, so that these can then be sold in excellent condition and with the NC guarantee of quality.