NC Service completes the retrofit of two fixed bed CORREA milling machines

After several months´ work, the engineers at Nicolas Correa Service, S.A. have now finished the complete retrofit process of these two fixed bed CORREA milling machines. Both machines were purchased in the second hand market in 2014, and are now to be offered for sale on the occasion machine market. Both feature excellent precision and geometry, and come with a warranty of up to one year.


Retrofitting of second hand milling machines CORREA CF17 y CORREA CF22/25-Plus

The models in question are CORREA CF17 and CORREA CF22/25-Plus, offering a longitudinal travel of 1800 mm for the former and 2500 mm for the latter, whilst both have vertical and horizontal travels of 800 mm.

Amongst other features, both milling machines are equipped with a Heidenhain numerical control, universal head with a hydraulic tool clamp, electronic hand wheel, independent guideways with tempered steel inserts and resin counter-guides on all three axes, tempered and ground ball bearing spindles in all movements and a hydraulic counterweight for the vertical movement.

The work carried out by NC Service comprised the complete mechanical retrofit of both milling machines, including dismounting and inspecting all functional elements, in order to adjust, repair or replace any element, where necessary (motors, heads, seals, bearings, spindles, etc.). As for all the mechanical retrofits, a complete inspection was made of all the electronics. This operation included the initial disassembly in order to clean and repair any damaged parts, and the final assembly of both the numerical controls and electrical switchboards.

These CF17 and CF22/25-Plus milling machines are ideal for the precision machining of parts, for travels ranging from 1800 mm and 2000 mm on the longitudinal axis and 800 mm on the horizontal and vertical axes. Therefore, both milling machines are ideally suited for industries dedicated to general machining, requiring small-scale milling machines offering excellent quality and precision in all the work performed.