NC Service installs and commissions the CORREA PANTERA gantry milling machine

Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. has installed and commissioned the CORREA PANTERA gantry milling machine, with the complete inspection and fine-tuning of the machine at the end customer´s facilities.

Occasion milling machine CORREA PANTERA

This CORREA PANTERA milling machine was purchased on the second-hand machinery market in Europe in 2016. This bridge type milling machine features gantry system architecture on its X axis and is capable of offering an optimum solution and high dynamic performance for long travel machining applications. Manufactured in year 2000, the PANTERA offers a travel of 4,500 mm on its longitudinal axis, 3,088 mm on its horizontal axis and 1,200 mm on its vertical axis, whilst the distance between columns is 4,200 mm. The machine also features a 24-pocket automatic tool changer and an auto-indexing orthogonal head equipped with an 18000 RPM electro-spindle, allowing parts to be machined exceedingly quickly and with an excellent quality of finish.

This second-hand milling machine was inspected, installed and commissioned at the plant of the end customer, an important die construction company based in northern Spain, specialising in the manufacture of high quality stamping parts and dies. A company focussed on providing its customers with optimal solutions, using state-of-the-art equipment and technologies in order to minimise production times. With this aim in mind, this company chose this CORREA PANTERAmilling machine for its excellent performance, while trusting in the professionalism of the NC Service technical team to carry out the work comprising the installation, commissioning, optimisation and fine-tuning of the machine.

This process, involving the complete inspection, installation and commissioning of this highly-complex, large-sized milling machine, is a clear example of the professional, experienced Technical Support service that NC Service offers its customers. Whilst carrying out this work, our technical team focussed on meeting the end customer´s needs at all times, thereby seeking complete customer satisfaction for its machining work with this CORREA PANTERA.