NC Service installs the fully-retrofitted CORREA FP40/40 gantry milling machine at a company in the UK

Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. purchased the CORREA FP40/40 gantry milling machine on the second hand market in England. Once retrofitted at the company´s facilities in Burgos (Spain), the machine was subsequently sold to a company in the UK.

Bridge type milling machine CORREA FP40/40 refurbished by NC Service

Amongst its technical features, this CORREA moving table gantry milling machine is noted for its extraordinary reliability and robustness, thanks to the excellent combination of rigidity and dynamic performance, characteristic of these gantry type milling machines. It features a travel of 3,500 mm on its X axis, 2,500 mm on its Y axis and 800 mm on its Z axis, as well as a manual universal head with a hydro-mechanical tool retention system and a Heidenhain TNC426PB numerical control. The CORREA FP40/40 milling machine is fitted with pre-loaded double nut ball leadscrews on all three axes, H&G steel ways in conjunction with non friction material counterslides on the Y-Z axes, and double row roller type linear bearings on X axis.

This milling machine was retrofitted by the NC Service technicians at the company´s facilities in Burgos. The tasks included repair work on the head with replacement of the bearings, the pre-loading of the spindles and the replacement of the bearings on all three machine axes, the grinding of the guideways for the ram, frame and table, as well as dismounting, checking, cleaning and remounting the electric cabinet, motors, drivers and numerical control. The milling machine exterior was also completely renewed by thorough cleaning and repainting, whilst the machine safety guards were either replaced or repaired. To complete the retrofitting work, the manufacturer-established protocols were implemented in order to guarantee the precision and geometry of this milling machine

During this retrofitting process, NC Service sold this FP40/40 milling machine to the English company Narvik Developments Ltd., located near Birmingham. This company, which has been dedicated to mould production since 1982, is to increase output by extending its premises with a new production building, where this milling machine has been installed. Narvik Developments Ltd, specialising in foundry moulds, is to dedicate this CNC milling machine to the production of shaping and press tools for the automotive sector. This CORREA FP40/40 could offer this customer a seamless, flexible machining solution, to successfully address this whole range of applications within the automotive sector.