NC Service installs the retrofitted CORREA A25/30 fixed bed milling machine in France

Following the sale of the CORREA A25/30 bed type milling machine, Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. carried out the mechanical refurbishment work this autumn 2015. The machine was subsequently installed and commissioned at the end customer´s plant. 

Occasion CORREA A25/30 milling machine

This is a bed type milling machine, noted for its robust structure and rigidity thanks to the generously-sized, strongly-ribbed, alloyed cast iron modular components. Its features include a friction moving table and guideways with hardened tempered steel inserts, specially designed for heavy duty chip removal applications.

Right at the start of the work to refurbish the CORREA A25/30 milling machine, NC Service sold it to a French customer. Following the sale, NC Service carried out the mechanical retrofit work on this milling machine, whilst adapting it to meet all the customer´s demands. NC Service checked and repaired all the mechanical components, making a complete inspection of all the control elements and the electronics. As usual, our key objective was to ensure total customer satisfaction. On this occasion, the customer requested a different head for the machine. We therefore removed the automatic head initially installed and replaced it with a manual head, whilst completely adapting the milling machine to operate with this new head. This milling machine also features a fourth axis, consisting in a Zeatz PHACNE 800 mm diameter rotary table, for increased machining capability.

The end customer is a French company with 150 years´ experience, specialising in the production of mechanical parts in small to medium series, adapting to the customer´s needs and creating customised designs. The company has a design department and a workshop for producing mechanical parts and assembling special tools and machines, where this CORREA milling machine, retrofitted by NC Service, will be able to demonstrate its full capability in the production of these parts.

The CORREA A25/30 milling machine will give our French customer not only an increased production capacity, but also greater competitiveness in its markets, by producing machined products of superb quality.