NC SERVICE promotes dual learning in Burgos

Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. has become a pioneering company in the industrial sector in Burgos by hiring several young people as specialist technicians through a dual vocational training programme. This programme will cover both the theoretical training of these technicians, and their practical and job training, which will take place at the installations of NC Service based on the needs of the company concerning the reconstruction and technical assistance of CORREA CNC milling machines.

Dual training in NC Service

This Dual Vocational Training project has been promoted by the Federation of Metal Entrepreneurs of the Province of Burgos (Femebur), who have led this pilot experience in the province of Burgos, with the main goal of providing young people between the ages of 16 and 30, with basic secondary education and without professional experience, with not only a job opportunity, but also the chance to learn in a real environment and with totally up-to-date technology. Thus, Femebur contributes towards making it possible for companies in Burgos to avail of more specialised technicians in their workforce, which will result in increased competitiveness in the industrial market of the companies in this region.

On the other hand, for the development of this dual training, NC Service has recently signed an agreement with Formatec, a company specialised in providing high-level technical training in different fields of the industrial and maintenance sector, and who will be in charge of the theoretical aspects of these young peoples’ training. Formatec is also authorised as a job placement agency by the State Public Employment Service (SEPE), a body that is participating as a supervisor in this project.

For NC Service, the benefits of this participation are clear. It will include in its workforce several technicians who it can train starting with the basics, teaching them all the technical aspects of the company as regards the reconstruction of second-hand milling machines and the technical assistance service for CORREA milling machines. Thus, NC Service will be able to increase and improve its technical and human resources, which will ultimately result in higher competitiveness in the market. NC Service is a leading company in the reconstruction and sale of CNC milling machines, and being able to train its technicians starting with the basics is an opportunity to gain in professionalism and competitiveness.

There are also big advantages for the young technicians receiving this dual training. Not only will they receive their professional certification free of charge, but they will be capable of acquiring professional skills with vocational training through a learning system that combines the classroom, dedicating 25% of the time to theory, with the company, where they spend the remaining 75% of their time learning. In addition, this work opportunity that is offered to them by NC Service will enable them to enhance their professional growth through practical experience at the plant, where they will acquire skills related to the milling machining method, putting into practice the theoretical knowledge learned with real CNC milling machines, as well as with maintenance and repair tasks on them.

NC Service will also teach them skills that will enable them to supervise and control industrial machinery installations from the execution phase to the start-up, as well as technical knowledge for their specialisation in the reconstruction of CNC milling machines.