NC Service refurbishes and sells the CORREA CF40/50 bed type milling machine

Here at Nicolás Correa Service, S.A., we have recently fitted and put into service the CORREA CF40/50 bed type milling machine after its mechanical and electronic refurbishment, carried out by our technicians.

Bed type milling machine CORREA CF40/50 refurbished by NC Service

Amongst the CF type bench milling machines, this CORREA CF40/50 keeps its innovative design as well all the flexibility and performance of this particular type of milling machine, but with the added advantage of its increased size and performance, allowing larger and heavier items to be mechanised.

This is a 5 metre table bed type milling machine, with the option of mechanising items of up to 12,000 kilos. With an X-axis length of 5,000 mm, 1,200 mm in its transversal axis and 1,500 mm vertical travel. It comes with tempered steel sliding rail guides and resin counter-guides in transversal travel, as well as rollers and linear guides for the X and Z axis sliding action. It also comes with a hydraulic tool fastener, automated centralised lubrication, independent refrigeration equipment, ball screws throughout every movement section and hydraulic counter-weights in the vertical movement section, all as standard.

To all this standard equipment on the CORREA CF40/50 milling machine, at NC Service we also added a number of improvements and extra options requested by our customers during the reconstruction process.. This retrofitting not only includes the mechanical part of the CNC milling machine, but also includes its electronic components. Amongst other jobs, the replacement of rollers, guide realignment and adjustment, reconstruction of ball screws etc. took place.., while in the electronic section, the milling machine´s original (Heidenhain TNC-407) numeric controller was completely replaced for a brand new Heidenhain TNC-530 controller, as well as fitting a new electronic cabinet with new motors and regulators.

The end client for this reconstructed milling machine was a customer from the South of France who works in general mechanisation processes; and with the latest technology used in the CORREA CF40/50 machine, this customer will be able to better carry out these processes with more quality and in less time than before, for its potential customers.