NC Service retrofits the CORREA A30/30 bed-type milling machine and installs it in France

Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. has mechanically retrofitted a CORREA A30/30 bed type milling machine, whilst also making a number of modifications, expressly requested by the end customer in order to ensure complete integration in its machining process.

Bed type milling machine CORREA A30/30 refurbished by NC Service

This is a bed-type CORREA milling machine, noted for its robust structure and rigidity thanks to the generously-sized, strongly-ribbed, alloyed cast iron modular components. This CORREA A30 milling machine incorporates the dual guideways concept, specifically designed for applications requiring a heavy-duty chip removal capacity. It features guideways with steel inserts and bronze counterslides on the Y axis, and resin counterslides on the X and Z axes. Furthermore, the design of the table travel, with roller slideways and linear guideways, substantially improves the dynamic performance of this numerically controlled milling machine.

In addition to these features, this CORREA A30/30 milling machine offers 3,000 mm travel on the X axis, as well as 1,200 mm and 1,500 mm on the Y and Z axes, respectively. Additional features include a UDG type Auto-indexing head, 30-pocket automatic tool changer and chip removal. All these accessories allow this customer to operate with greater speed and precision.

NC Service performed the retrofitting process on this second hand milling machine, and its subsequent installation and commissioning at the end customer´s facilities. This is a French company with more than twenty years´ experience in the design and machining of mechanical parts and sub-assemblies, specifically directed at CNC turning and milling. During the process to retrofit this second-hand milling machine, the customer also requested a number of improvements to be made. These were performed by NC Service in order to fully adapt the machine to the customer´s production process.

Therefore, this CORREA A30/30 milling machine will not only give our French customer increased production capacity but will also enhance the quality of production, unquestionably contributing to the ever-increasing competitiveness of our customer in the market by offering the best machining solutions.