NC Service sells the overhauled CF22/20-Plus Correa milling machine

Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. has completed the retrofit of the CORREA CF22/20-Plus second-hand milling machine for its subsequent sale to a French company specialising in precision machining. 

CF22/20-Plus Correa milling machine retrofitted by NC SERVICE

This fixed-bed rotary-table CORREA CF22/20-Plus milling machine is fitted with a manual universal head that can reach 3000 RPM, featuring an X axis travel of 2000 mm and 800 mm on its Y and Z axes. With regard to the equipment fitted as standard, we would highlight the following characteristics, amongst others: guideways with tempered steel inserts and resin counter-guides on the X-Y-Z axes, ball bearing spindles in all movements, electronic equipment to compensate for thermal expansion in the transverse movement and an electronic hand wheel on the CNC numerical control.

All the mechanics and electronics of this second hand milling machine have been completely retrofitted by NC Service. Particular mention should be made of the complete technological upgrading of this milling machine, with the replacement of the old numerical control with a latest generation Heidenhain TNC-i530, in addition to a new control panel and new wiring.

Not only has this retrofit made it possible to return this milling machine to its original level of precision and reliability, but it has also substantially improved performance, allowing the customer to optimise production and the quality of the machining work.

During the retrofit process at NC Service, we also update the external appearance of the milling machines. In the case of this CF22/20-Plus milling machine, the original design of this machine model has been modified by the new safety guards mounted and the body has been repainted, to make the design more in line with that of the new CORREANAYAK milling machines.