NC SERVICE sells two retrofitted, bed type CORREA A25/25 milling machines

NC SERVICE has just sold these two second-hand, recently-retrofitted, bed type CNC milling machines. Both milling machines are model CORREA A25/25, a model that is noted for its robustness and precision in the general machining of parts.


Milling machines CORREA A25/25 retrofitted by NC SERVICE

Both machines have a longitudinal travel axis of 2,500 mm and a transverse travel axis of 1,200 mm yet each has a different vertical travel (Z=1,000 mm and Z=1,500 mm). The CORREA A25/25 milling machine with the greatest vertical travel has been purchased by a Spanish company from the city of Burgos, dedicated to general machining work, whilst a Germany company manufacturing mechanical engineering tools and components has purchased the machine with the lowest vertical travel.

All the mechanical and electronic components of these milling machines have been fully retrofitted by the NC SERVICE engineers. In both cases, a new iTNC-530 control made by Heidenhain has been installed. This numerical control is particularly recommended for general machining in a workshop, since it features optimised motion control, short block processing times and special control strategies. The iTNC-530 will allow both of these milling machine customers to optimise their machine times and to improve tool monitoring, whilst ensuring that there is no wear to the machine mechanics.