NC Service shares its experience in Online Marketing during the INDUSMEDIA 2015 workshops

Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. made a presentation on the company´s commitment to online marketing during the INDUSMEDIA 2015 workshops held on 20th October at the Fundación Orona IDeO Building in San Sebastian.

NC Service presentation during INDUSMEDIA 2015

The NC Service presentation aimed to show the company´s origin and how it has changed over time, principally with regard to online marketing. Thus, NC Service explained how the company progressed from its former website with a contents manager having extremely limited operating potential, to its current situation in which it decided not only to develop a new Website but also to increase online visibility with SEO consulting. This was all brought about with the support of Overalia, an agency specialising in online Marketing. NC Service showed how, in the first year of this new online strategy, the company not only considerably increased its organic traffic, but also multiplied the qualified leads showing an interest in its retrofitted milling machines. NC Service also discussed its first steps in the social networks such as LinkedIn and YouTube.

INDUSMEDIA annually organises these workshops in which a number of industrial companies share their experience in online marketing as a new channel for sales and customer service. A number of success stories in this industrial sector were showcased, including that of NC Service, and all participating companies showed their satisfactory experience with online marketing, all concurring that their online visibility had improved and that the number of qualified leads received had increased. Several workshops were also conducted in which various experts set out the guidelines for being successful in this online marketing venture.

With the company´s participation in exhibitions and events of this type, NC Service aims to strengthen its commitment to online marketing as a new channel for customer acquisition and the sale of machines. This is clearly the new path to follow, and NC Service is adapting to the new needs of the market and its customers.