NC SERVICE showcases the results of the ARCBECYL Innovative Project at the Information Day

On the 7th October this year, an information day was organised to showcase the results of this Competitive Improvement Project for the development of innovative companies in Castilla y León, in which NC Service Milling Machines, S.A. took part under the coordination of the Machine Tools Cluster of Castilla y León (CBCyL), and with the involvement of the Miranda de Ebro Technology Centre (CTME) and the company INGEMOV.

Innovative Project ARCBECYL for the Machine Tools sector in Castilla y Leoón

Innovative Project ARCBECYL in Castilla y León 


The ARCBECYL project (Development of a Cloud AR Technique and its applications for the Machine Tools sector in Castilla y León) is focussed on the design and development of web-based augmented reality techniques for companies in the CBCyL Cluster. Its key objective was the design of a programmable environment that permits the development of web-based Augmented Reality (AR) industrial applications adapted to the needs of Machine Tool companies in the community of Castilla y León.



Within this key objective, a series of more specific goals were included: 

  • The development and application of the Technology, within the Machine Tools sector, directed at:
    • Product improvement
    • Process control
    • Geolocation
    • Marketing
  • The integration of the development and implementation of Augmented Reality (AR) in the SMEs taking part in the project, adapting the demonstrators to their needs.
  • The generation of knowledge within the framework of the Cluster, thereby facilitating access to new technologies for those SMEs that may find this more complicated.
  • Improved competitiveness and resilience of the companies forming part of the cluster through the extension of the current layer of industry 4.0 services with an augmented reality layer, thereby promoting the innovation of products, processes and business models while also significantly driving business competitiveness.


In order to achieve these objectives, the following lines of action were progressively implemented, in which NC Service played a very active part:

  • Collection of information.

  • Design and development of a total of 9 augmented reality demonstrators, with the close collaboration of NC Service in the following:


In this way, and thanks to the results of this ARCBECyL Project, these innovative companies will be able to offer their customers web services with added value, based on this augmented reality. These services will be focussed on the product and also on process improvement, marketing and geolocation.




This project is being conducted within the framework of the call for grants for year 2021, directed at improving business competitiveness through support for Innovative Business Clusters (AAEEII) of the Regional Ministry of Finance and Tax of Castilla y León, co-founded with ERDF funds contributing to Objective OT3 “ACHIEVE A MORE COMPETITIVE BUSINESS FABRIC” of the ERDF operational program for Castilla y León.