NC SERVICE successfully sell and installation of the refurbished CORREA CF22 milling machine

NC Service Milling Machines, S.A. retrofitted this second-hand CORREA CF22/20 milling machine, which was finally sold to a Spanish company with the NC guarantee of quality, and subsequently installed at the company´s facilities in early autumn.

Second hand CNC milling machine NICOLAS CORREA refurbished by NC Service

Second hand CNC milling machine for sale


This CORREA CF22/20 fixed bench milling machine was built by NICOLAS CORREA in 1996, offering a travel of 2,000 mm on its X axis, and 800 mm on both its Y and Z axes. Its features include tempered steel guideways and resin counter-guides on all three axes, ball bearing spindles on all axes, a HEIDENHAIN TNC-426 numerical control and a universal manual head with hydraulic tool clamping.

NC Service performed the complete mechanical refurbishment of this CORREA CF22/20 milling machine, which was purchased at a second-hand machinery auction. This retrofitting work including the complete dismounting of all the CNC milling machine components, priming and painting, replacement of bearings, pre-loading of spindles on all three axes, grinding and adjustment of the ram, frame and table in order to ensure the correct operation of the axle guides, complete repair of the manual milling head, and the dismounting and inspection of the electric components and CNC.


 Once the retrofitting work had been completed, the milling machine was put on display at the NC Service showroom, where all the refurbished CNC milling machines for sale can be viewed by customers. This was where the end customer was able to see this second-hand milling machine operating in excellent conditions, leading the customer to finally decide to purchase it.

The customer in question is the company LA PIÑA, based in La Roda (Albacete) and founded in 1949. It is currently one of the leading international manufacturers of spare parts for agricultural machinery, exporting to more than 60 countries with Quality and Work well done standing out as the company´s business slogans. This company manufactures discs, points, tines, blades, mouldboards, and clamps, using Boron Steel to guarantee the utmost resistance to wear and quality for the company´s customers.

Indeed, in line with this premise, LA PIÑA decided to purchase this CORREA CF22/20 milling machine after a visit to NC Service, where it was able to confirm the quality of CNC milling machines retrofitting work and to see how this company is also clearly committed to work well done.