NC Service´s German customer WKFS expresses its satisfaction with the operation of its retrofitted CORREA A25/25 milling machine

Following the purchase of the CORREA A25/25 milling machine, with a full mechanical and electronic retrofit by NC Service, the company´s German customer WKFS (“Werkzeug-Komponenten-Fertigung GmbH Sachsen”), has expressed its complete satisfaction with the machine, after an initial four month operating period at the company.

A25/25 Correa milling machine overhauled by NC SERVICE

This CORREA A25/25 milling machine was sold and commissioned in August 2014. Since then, WKFS has enjoyed the robustness and precision of this machine designed for general part machining. This company, founded in 1995 in the Germany city of Wilkau-Haßlau, manufactures mechanical engineering tools and components and, right from the outset, it has been noted for its quality in manufacturing steel and aluminium plates.

All this customer´s machines and milling machines are CNC operated and are networked in order to offer greater process flexibility and to ensure shorter product lead times. Therefore, the new Heidenhain iTNC-530 control that NC Service has installed in this milling machine, has made it possible for this machine to adapt to the high production and quality demands of this company.

What´s more the CORREA A25/25 second hand milling machine is specially designed for heavy duty chip removal applications such as those performed by WKFS, offering a travel of 2,500 m on the X axis, 1,200 mm on the Y axis and 1,000 mm on the Z axis, a speed range of up to 2500 rpm and a spindle drive of 29 kW.

This milling machine, retrofitted by NC Service, was purchased to replace another machine of the same model, used by this Germany customer for this work and which had become obsolete. NC Service purchased this second hand CORREA A25/25 milling machine, manufactured in 1995, and is currently performing a complete retrofit and technological upgrade.