Nicolás Correa Service adapts the retrofitting of the ANAYAK HVM-5000 milling machine to meet its customer´s requirements.

Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. offers the best solution in second-hand retrofitted milling machines. For this reason, whenever possible, the customer is actively involved in taking decisions on matters arising during the milling machine retrofitting process. This ensures that the machined workpiece has a finish with the highest possible precision and, moreover, the milling machine is perfectly adapted to the customer´s requirements. As an example, we would mention the success story of the "customised retrofitting" of the ANAYAK HVM-5000 travelling column milling machine.

Mobile Column Milling Machine - Refurbished Anayak Milling Machine

Second hand Anayak CNC milling machine 

The ANAYAK HVM-5000 milling machine is noted for its great rigidity and exceptional durability, and is ideal for high-quality precision machining. It is particularly recommended for machining heavy large-size parts, given that the workpiece is positioned on the fixed bed and only the column travels with the frame and the milling head. The fact that the machine is not equipped with a ram and that the milling head is on a fixed support, gives it great precision and rigidity, avoiding ram drop, expansion and vibrations.

 The design concept of this ANAYAK milling machine and its characteristics, made this French customer decide in favour of this machine. However, what finally convinced the customer to go ahead with the purchase was the possibility of fully participating in the milling machine retrofitting process in order to completely adapt it to the machining work at his company, given that the retrofitting work had not yet commenced.

The principal agreement was to replace the ANAYAK milling head with a new CORREA Auto-indexing UDG 2.5º one. To do so, the frame and powertrain were completely adapted so as to house this head. As the customer also required the installation of a 30-tool automatic tool changer, a second-hand ATC was retrofitted and adapted to this machine. Finally, the 4th axis or rotary table with tailstock that the customer was using in the machining processes was also installed during the milling machine retrofitting work. All the retrofitting work was performed with the professionalism and experience that Nicolás Correa Service is noted for.

On completion of the retrofitting work, the customer conducted several machining trials during the acceptance testing of the machine in Burgos and, following approval, the machine was made ready for transfer to the customer´s factory. Subsequently, NC Service technicians performed the complete installation and commissioning at the customer´s facilities, making it possible for this customer to make the most of the versatility and precision of this milling machine.