Nicolás Correa Service retrofits a CORREA FP40/40, 5-axis bridge type milling machine

The CORREA FP40/40 CNC bridge type milling machine, fitted with a HEIDENHAIN TNC-426 numerical control, has been installed and commissioned at a company in California, following a mechanical retrofit carried out by NC Service at its facilities in Burgos.

CORREA FP40/40 milling machine overhauled by NC Service

This CORREA FP40/40 milling machine, manufactured in 1998, is ideal for machining large workpieces, while it also offers an excellent combination of robustness and dynamic performance. This milling machine, which features a travel of 3,500 mm on the X axis, 3,000 mm on the Y axis and 1,000 mm on the Z axis, is particularly noted for its continuous 5-axis head, giving it great versatility and allowing it to be used for the high quality machining of complex parts.

Following its purchase on the second-hand milling machine market in the UK, the machine was delivered to the facilities at Nicolás Correa Service in 2017, where work commenced on its mechanical retrofit in order to return it to its original performance and lengthen its service life. This work included the replacement of bearings, the pre-loading of the spindles and the grinding and adjustment of the main guideway components on the X, Y, and Z axes. The 5-axis milling head (C5E) was also inspected, as well as the electrical and control components.

During the retrofitting work, this milling machine was sold to Astro-Tek Industries LLC., a North American company located in California and with more than 10 years´ experience, specializing in the manufacturing of parts and equipment for the aerospace, industrial, medical and governmental sectors. This company purchased this CORREA FP40/40 milling machine to be used for the manufacture of parts and components for the aerospace sector. 

First of all, Nicolás Correa Service undertook to organize the transport of the machine to the customer. The complexity of the task, being a transoceanic destination and a large size milling machine, was resolved with great coordination, thanks to the extensive knowledge and experience of the NC Service technicians in the dismounting and loading of milling machines of this type. Once it had been delivered to Astro-Tek, these NC Service technicians were also responsible for the installation and commissioning of this milling machine, which took place in March this year.

Since then, this CORREA FP40/40 milling machine is now in full production at Astro-Tek Industries LLC., which will be in a position to increase its production capacity and offer a high quality finish, thanks to this purchase.