Preventive maintenance on CORREA milling machines

A preventive maintenance can reduce and even avoid the most common and important breakdowns of the machine, as well as its deterioration. At Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. this service is offered to CORREA milling machines end users as we are convinced that it is the best way to maximise machine productivity, reducing unwanted machine downtime.

Maintenance on CORREA milling machine

Due to our specialisation in the refurbishment of second-hand CNC CORREA milling machines, we have developed a proactive preventive maintenance service that involves carrying out periodic revisions aimed at ensuring the perfect conditions of productivity, functionality and reliability of these machines, avoiding unplanned stoppages with the consequent costs that can be generated by possible unforeseen failures. This assistance service is also transferred to other second-hand CNC Machine Tools for chip removal, with the same objective of maximising the machine uptime for the customer. 

Therefore, the possibility of detailed machine monitoring is offered to our customers, which allows us to detect and predict in advance possible failures of the components of a machine, so that, through repairs or replacements, we anticipate the occurrence of problems. This planning allows us to have in advance the necessary spare parts, as well as the availability of the most appropriate means in each case, eliminating waiting and inactivity problems for customers. 

Having in mind that not all milling machines are similar, this is a personalised service which begins with a complete study and initial report, which also is adapted to the different phases of each machine’s life cycle. Mechanical or electronic adjustments are carried out, as well as geometric and verification corrections. In addition, we value and communicate to the customer possible options for improvement, such as the execution of a technological update that will improve the durability of the components of the machine. 

In this way, useful life of milling machines is extended, maintaining the efficiency in their productivity.