Refurbish and sale of an ANAYAK HVM-3300 milling machine

Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. refurbishes yet another used ANAYAK milling machine. This second-hand ANAYAK HVM-3300 milling machine has been mechanically retrofitted at our facilities and is now in operation at our customer´s plant in Canada.

Used ANAYAK milling machine refurbished by NC Service

ANAYAK second hand milling machine

This ANAYAK HVM-3300 milling machine, which features a travel of 2700 mm on the X axis, 1200 mm on the Y axis and almost 1500 mm on the Z axis, is noted for its great rigidity and machining precision. Its fixed bed can withstand even the heaviest of parts, given that only the column travels with the frame and the milling head to perform the machining. The HVM ANAYAK travelling column milling machines are not fitted with a ram. Therefore, the automatic rotating head, with speeds in this case of up to 4000 RPM, is directly located over the fixed support on the frame, giving great machining rigidity and high precision, reducing vibrations, avoiding overturning, expansion and vibrations caused by the ram travel.

A Canadian customer enquired about this used ANAYAK milling machine and, following a visit to the Nicolás Correas Service facilities to gain an insight into the milling machine retrofitting process, this customer finally placed an order and work started on the mechanical refurbishing process of this milling machine. The customer was kept up-to-date with the progress of the retrofitting process at all times, and also took part in all the decision making.

On completion of the retrofitting work on the ANAYAK milling machine, the appropriate machining, geometry and precision tests were conducted, all to the customer´s satisfaction. This retrofitted milling machine was subsequently disassembled, packed and shipped to Canada, where our customer is already enjoying the versatility and reliability of this milling machine at his plant.