Retrofit and sale of CORREA A25 and A30 fixed bed milling machines for companies in France

The CORREA A-25 and CORREA A-30 milling machine models are extremely popular in the second-hand industrial machinery market. Over the last few months Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. has retrofitted, sold and installed three milling machines of this type in various companies in France.

Bed type CORREA A25/30 and A30/30 milling machines

The CORREA A-25 and A-30 bed type milling machines are noted for their dual guideways and robust structure, specifically designed for applications requiring a heavy-duty chip removal capacity. All these milling machines feature slideways with steel inserts, bronze counter guides on the Y axis, and resin counter-guides on the X and Z axes. A unique feature of the A-30 model is that, on the X axis, it is equipped with roller slideways and linear guideways for the table travel. The three retrofitted milling machines sold to companies in France all feature a travel of 3 m on the X axis and 1.2 m on the Y axis, whilst the travel on the Z axis is different for each of the three models.

The first of these milling machines to be sold was a CORREA A30/30 which featured an automatic UDG-40 type auto-indexing head with indexed positions of 2.5º, a 30-pocket tool changer, chip removal and a vertical travel of 1500 mm. This A30/30 CORREA, originally built in 1997 and equipped with a TNC-426 Heidenhain control, was retrofitted by NC Service and installed in France in a company with more than 20 years´ experience in the design and machining of mechanical parts and sub-assemblies, whose production methods are focussed on CNC turning and milling, grinding and welding.

The second milling machine, also sold to a company in France, was another CORREA A30/30 model, featuring a U-40 manual head and with a travel of 1000 mm on the Z axis. The machine was also equipped with a Heidenhain TNC-426 control, yet with no automatic tool changer like the one above. It was installed in a company with more than 30 years´ experience in performing special work involving machining, mechanical welding, tools and special machines.

The last milling machine to be recently retrofitted by NC Service for a company in France was installed in a company dedicated to the development, design and manufacture of services and solutions to meet the needs of its customers. A CORREA A25/30 milling machine was supplied to this company, which was installed by NC Service after being retrofitted in Burgos. It features a UDG type auto-indexing head with indexed positions of 2.5º and a 30-pocket tool changer. It also has a Heidenhain TNC-426 control and an HR-410 electronic wheel, offering a travel of 1000 mm on its Z axis.

The robust structure of these CORREA A-25 and A-30 milling machines, with generously-sized, strongly-ribbed, alloyed cast iron modular components, means that all these machines offer excellent performance for work involving heavy-duty chip removal. Moreover, the detailed refurbishment work performed by NC Service on these milling machines, prior to sale, ensures that its customers can obtain a same-as-new performance for these milling machines, in addition to their excellent precision and high dynamic performance.