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CORREANAYAK HVM-140 - 220091

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Control unit HEIDENHAIN TNC-i530
Travels (X/Y/Z): 14000 / 1500 / 3500 mm.
Universal Auto-indexing differential head UAD (0,02º x 0,02º) with 6000 rpm
High pressure internal coolant through spindle.
Longitudinal chip conveyor
Electronic handwheel: HR-550
Operator’s liftable cabinet
Tool clamping pedal
Stolle table not included


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ANAYAK HVM-5000-PHS - 2002

  • SOLD

Second hand ANAYAK milling machine, mobile column and fixed bed.

Control unit FANUC 21iM.
Travels (X/Y/Z): 4300/1200/1500 (mm)
NEW! Auto-indexing milling head (2.5º). 
Chip conveyor
Rotary table: 1000 x 1000 mm (table integrated)
Automatic tool changer of 30 tools.
External & internal coolant.

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