Specialists in moving CORREA milling machines

When moving a milling machine, carrying out a correct disassembly and a safe transport is vital to avoid damaging any of its elements during the journey, which may subsequently affect the machining performance. This has a special significance when dealing with big sized milling machines.

Moving a CORREA milling machine by NC Service

Together with transport of CORREA milling machines, at NC Service Milling Machines, S.A. we also offer our customers the possibility to disassemble and transfer their CORREA milling machines to other locations. Before getting into transport, we carry out a geometrical inspection of the machine, guaranteeing that after installation it will work at least with the same aligning conditions prior to being moved.

Of course, within our service of installation and commissioning of retrofitted CORREA milling machines, at NC Service we guarantee a correct levelling and geometry adjustment of the machine at customer’s facilities, certifying it by means of geometry and accuracy protocols established by the manufacturer.

Thanks to our 20 years’ experience, in which more than 180 second hand CORREA milling machines have been refurbished by our technicians, we deeply know the product and recognize what the best disassembling, loading, transport and commissioning procedures are for every CORREA milling machine in the market.

Nobody better than us to transport and install your CORREA milling machine!