The importance of CNC programming in milling machines

At the end of the 60´s, computerized numerical control and its CNC programming was introduced in the industrial machinery, which allowed programmable automation of production and achievement of impossible movements to be done manually. This resulted in a significant increase in productivity, accuracy, safety, speed, repeatability and flexibility, together also with a reduction in waste in the manufacturing industry.

CNC programing - Control unit milling Heidenhain

CNC programming. Milling machine with control unit.

CNC programming is carried out by means of the numerical control of machines where the instructions that machine-tool should follow during machining, previously programmed, are introduced, allowing the control of all its movements in an automated way with hardly any need for operator intervention.

Using ISO or Heidenhain language (in Heidenhain controls), the information entered is processed by the CNC software and due to a coordinate system, this software is capable of automating the movements of axes and spindle, programming tools exchange and all other tasks necessary to mechanize a specific part. 

Within the refurbishment jobs carried out at Nicolás Correa Service, the full inspection of numerical controls and CNC programming according to customers’ needs are included. Sometimes, numerical control is updated installing a new generation one in the milling machine, updating the machine with the most modern technologies and making it a more competitive and efficient one.

CORREA milling machines usually have Heidenhain CNC programming, although NC Service also works with other brands such as Siemens or Fanuc, based on the requirements of our customers.