The Irish company COMBILIFT trusts NC SERVICE for the purchase of the CORREA CF 40/50 milling machine

NC Service Milling Machines, S.A. completed the commissioning of a used CORREA CF40/50 milling machine at the headquarters of the company COMBILIFT in the county of Monaghan, Ireland.

CORREA CF40/50 CNC milling machine by NC Service

COMBILIFT acquires a CNC used CORREA milling machine


The company COMBILIFT contacted NC Service at the end of 2020, looking for a second-hand CNC milling machine to be installed at its plant in Ireland. The used CNC CORREA CF40/50 best met the characteristics required by this company. Moreover, due to the demands made by COMBILIFT with regard to the machining to be made, the retrofitting option was ruled out, finally opting for the purchase of this CNC machine-tool with a general inspection and in good operating conditions.

The fact that this company also had a head office in Burgos, Combilift Iberia S.L., facilitated the acceptance testing of this milling machine. Following its inspection and final adjustment, personnel from this Spanish company visited the NC Service facilities and gave their approval to the end result.

Although not refurbished, thanks to the performance of this milling machine and to the excellent quality inherent in all the CORREA second-hand milling machines, this customer is now obtaining the optimal results desired for the development of its products, directed at optimising load handling and storage, and always constantly seeking quality, innovation, efficiency and safety for customers around the world.

The good maintenance of this CORREA milling machine will allow this company to optimise its production in the best possible way and throughout the long useful life of this machine-tool.