What should be kept in mind when purchasing a refurbished second-hand milling machine?

The type of work to be performance, as well as the material, weight and dimensions of the parts to be mechanized, are the main items to keep in mind when looking for the best suitable second-hand milling machine for your company.

Showroom milling machines refurbished by Nicolás Correa Service

Once all this is well-defined, our sales team will help you finding the most appropriate milling machine, with the necessary parameters and accessories, among our stock of refurbished milling machines. We could even find a more adequate used machine in the second-hand market for its later refurbishment, adapting it to the machining needs of the company and incorporating new accessories or updating it technologically if necessary.

We well-know the importance of being able to check first-hand the state in which this used milling machines are, so at Nicolás Correa Service we have open doors for your visit, both during the refurbishment process as well as for checking final result after this retrofitting ends, when you will be able to perform machining tests and check the final reliability and accuracy of these occasion machines.

Are you looking for a reliable and guaranteed occasion milling machine? Do not hesitate to contact us without obligation.