Anayak milling machines refurbished by Nicolás Correa Service

Anayak milling machines have a rigid and long-lasting design, guaranteeing an accurate and quality machining. In addition, their design allows a customized configuration by incorporating elements that provide solutions to different machining situations. 

The baking of this first-class brand, together with our proximity and experience with these CNC milling machines and the complete refurbishment process that we carry out at NC Service, make our stock of retrofitted Anayak milling machines in a great machining option.

Anayak milling machines for sale - Nicolás Correa Service

Anayak milling machines


The refurbishment process of an Anayak milling machine follows the usual procedures established for all used milling machines that arrive at Nicolás Correa Service, adapting to the features and specifications of each milling machine or to the needs demanded by the customer. Also, when needed, new elements could be incorporated or a technological updating could be done. 

In this way, the retrofitting process of a second-hand Anayak milling machine, includes the following steps: 

  • Study and evaluation of the Anayak milling machine’s state
  • Dismantling of structural elements and cleaning. Sanding, priming and painting processes.
  • Adjustment, repair or replacement of functional elements
  • Machining and grinding of components
  • Conversion and/or upgrade of electronics and CNC
  • Assembly and adjustment of structural elements
  • Geometry and accuracy protocols. 

At NC Service we have several Anayak milling machines in stock at the moment. Highlighting the bed type VH-2200 milling machine and the mobile column HVM-2300 milling machine, which are both in their last steps of their retrofitting process and are available for sale at a very economic price. 

As recent customer’s stories of refurbishment and sale of milling machines of this brand, we highlight the sale of the mobile column Anayak HVM-5000 milling machine completely adapted to the client´s demands, as well as the sale of the mobile column Anayak HVM-3300 milling machine which is currently in the commissioning process at the costumer’s premises in Canada.

Now that you know the quality and reliability of our refurbished Anayak milling machines, don´t miss the opportunity to consult us without obligation. If you prefer, come and visit our facilities in Burgos to see at first hand our work and the wide offer of retrofitted milling machines of different brands. 

Meanwhile, this video will show you the Anayak HVM-3300 milling machine in operation after its retrofitting.