The main advantages of a CNC milling machine

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) milling machines are used for the precise machining of parts through operations performed with the aid of computer software. Regarding how a CNC milling machine works, this CNC controls the cutting tool position at all times through pre-entered orders that progressively determine the travel of the different milling machine axes.

Used CNC milling machine

Advantages of CNC milling machines

Therefore, CNC programming makes it possible to automatically perform all the characteristic functions of a milling machine, leaving behind the more erratic and inaccurate manual work. The main advantages of a CNC milling machine are as follows:

1. Improved accuracy and productivity

As the CNC milling machines are controlled by computer programmes, they offer unbeatable accuracy as well as process optimisation, given that less time is required for operations, improving efficiency. 

2. Lower costs and shorter times

Performing complex processes with a better finish.

Less time is required to machine and process parts, making it possible to execute complex designs, reducing the possibility of errors and downtime, thereby optimising times and costs.

3. Less scrap

This greater efficiency is also evident in lower scrap generation, due to the optimised cutting processes. Furthermore, the chips generated during the machining process are removed automatically. 

4. Greater operator safety

There is no need for the operator to handle the cutting tool, given that the milling operations can be programmed and the operator is simply required to supervise and programme the work.


If you are now using a conventional milling machine, then don´t hesitate to invest in a CNC milling machine to get all the advantages of CNC programming compared to the traditional milling processes. Thanks to these advantages, the results are improved production and efficiency, with a much smaller return on investment and some superb results.

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