Get to know the reasons why the CF model of CORREA milling machines never goes out of style

The CORREA CF milling machine model is originally from the 90´s, being the most produced one from the manufacturer NICOLAS CORREA S.A. in the entire world.

CORREA CF type milling machines refurbished by NC SERVICE

Bed type CORREA CF milling machine for small machining

Longitudinal, vertical and cross slideways in this model feature steel band inserts with high friction coefficient resin liners on the mating surface, as well as ball leadscrews with preloaded double-nut on the 3 axes. They can be equipped with a wide range of possible accessories, such us rotary table, tool changer, automatic milling head, chip conveyor, etc.

The CF15 and CF20 were the first models to be produced, which were quickly complemented with all versions of the CF17 model, and finally arriving to the star model of this series, the CORREA CF22, reaching up to 2,5 meters on its X axis traverse. Subsequently, these small-sized models were joined by the CF25, with quicker speed as having roller linear slideways in the 3 axes, and CF40, with larger traverses on the 3 axes.

amaño se unieron las versiones CF25, con mayor velocidad al deslizarse los 3 ejes por patines, y CF40 de mayores recorridos en los tres ejes.


Thanks to these technical features, its flexibility and excellent performance, this model of compact milling machines has become one of the most valued and demanded by our customers, mainly because of its excellent machining quality in limited spaces, since these machines are perfect for increasing productivity without needing large investments neither in space nor in civil work.

Due to the high demand of this kind of machines, this model of bed type CORREA CF milling machine is one of the most retrofitted ones at NC Service. Besides, there are many of these models currently in stock, ready for immediate delivery after being fully mechanically refurbished, avoiding unwanted delays for our customers.

Here are some examples of milling machines ready for installation: 



If you need further information about any of these refurbished used milling machines, do not hesitate to contact us!