NC SERVICE installs a CF type CORREA milling machine once again in Holland

This summer, NC Service Milling Machines, S.A. completed the installation and commissioning of a refurbished CORREA CF22/25 milling machine at a customer in the Netherlands.

Occasion CORREA CF22/25 milling machine refurbished by NC Service

Dutch customer purchases second hand CNC milling machine


The full mechanical retrofit of this CORREA CF22/25 milling machine by NC Service was completed at the end of 2020. Since then, this CNC milling machine with a travel of 2500 mm on its X axis and manual milling head, has been on display at the company´s Showroom, where customers have had the opportunity to observe its excellent performance with regard to geometry and machining.



Despite having installed more machines in the Netherlands, this is the first time that this Dutch customer has opted for a retrofitted milling machine from NC Service, by purchasing this second-hand bed type milling machine. The company in question is MACHINEFABRIEK BOOTSMAN, a family-run business which started out in 1948 and specialises in the manufacture of slide bearings, as well as other work requiring high quality and performance reliability such as milling and turning for different applications including diesel and marine engines, electric motors and generators, turbines, gear housings, etc.

Furthermore, this transaction also involved the exchange of this customer´s CORREA CF22/25 used milling machine, which was purchased by NC Service for subsequent retrofitting and sale on the second-hand milling machine market, with the NC Service guarantee of quality.

In this way, and in its desire to provide its customers with products of the highest quality, BOOTSMAN has once again placed its trust in the reliability of the CORREA milling machines and, for the first time, in the retrofitting efficiency of the milling machines sold by NC Service. This customer is now getting all the benefits from this bed type CNC milling machine at its plant in the Netherlands.