More than one year of activity at the Nicolás Correa Service machinery showroom

Following the purchase and refurbishment of NC Service´s new facilities, the Showroom was fitted out for the exhibition and display of chip removal machine tools, once the retrofitting work has been completed. This gives customers visiting the company the chance to see the final finish for themselves and even to carry out machining test with these second-hand retrofitted machines.

Showroom of milling machines refurbished by Nicolás Correa Service

It was back in 2016 when Nicolás Correa Service S.A. purchased the building adjoining its facilities, marking the start of an ongoing expansion strategy that is still underway today. Following refurbishment, this new building has now been fully operational for over a year, helping NC Service to achieve its growth target.

The NC Service business premises occupy a total surface area of 9.000 m2, with approximately 5.000 m2 corresponding to the new building, half of which is dedicated to the Showroom area. During this first year, customers coming from all over the world have visited the company, getting the opportunity to see the quality and finished result of the machines retrofitted at NC Service, work that is backed by the company´s 20-year track record.

The other half of the building is used as a storage area for second-hand machinery before retrofitting. This increased floor area has allowed the company to considerably increase the number of second-hand machines purchased over this last year. As a result, the NC Service stock is now far more extensive and varied, not only with regard to Correa milling machines but other leading brands are also available such as Zayer, Soraluce and Anayak and other types of chip removal machinery, with particular mention of the Deckel Maho 5-axis vertical machining centres.

Meanwhile, the company´s original facilities are still being used for the work to retrofit second-hand milling machines and other used machinery. Furthermore, as the machines are now stored in the other building, this has freed-up working space and made it possible to redistribute the layout of material, equipment and machines. This improved layout allows the NC Service technicians to work in a more orderly and comfortable environment, while offering the possibility of having more machines in the retrofitting stage. This, together with the recruitment of more staff, has led to improved lead times.