NC Service performs a complete retrofit of the CORREA A25/25 milling machine with a new CNC

Following the complete refurbishment of the second hand CNC CORREA A25/25 milling machine, which was fitted with a new automatic milling head and a new HEIDENHAIN TNC-320 numeric control, NC Service Milling Machines, S.A. sold this retrofitted CNC milling machine to the Norwegian company TIGMEK AS. After installation at the company´s plant, the machine is now in full operation.

CORREA A25/25 CNC milling machine retrofitted by NC Service

Fully retrofitting of this used CNC CORREA A25/25 milling machine


This bed type CORREA A25/25 milling machine was purchased on the used industrial machinery market and, at the start of its retrofitting process, it was decided to install a new UDG type auto-indexing head with indexed positions of 2.5º to replace its manual head, and also to fit it with a new HEIDENHAIN TNC-320 numeric control to replace the TNC-155 that it came with.

Thus this CNC milling machine, with a longitudinal travel of 3 metres, horizontal travel of 1.2 metres and 1.5 metre vertical travel, improved substantially its original features from when it was first manufactured, among which highlighted its automatic tool changer of 30 tools. Thanks to the complete mechanical retrofitting of its main parts, together with the grinding and adjustment of its 3 axes to achieve the original parameters for geometry and precision, this milling machine is able to offer some machining characteristics that are unique on the market.

Once this refurbished CORREA A25 milling machine was ready, its outstanding performance characteristics led the Norwegian company TIGMEK AS to enquire about it and to finally decide to purchase it. This company also entrusted NC Service with the transport and complete installation and commissioning of the milling machine at its headquarters based in the Norwegian city of Frei.

The company TIGMEK, specialised in welding, machining, design and engineering, is now using this CNC milling machine to perform different machining operations in order to serve its customers in sectors such as offshore and aquaculture, with products noted for their high quality and performance.

TIGMEK is a highly qualified Norwegian supplier of mechanical services for the shipping sector and, thanks to this retrofitted CORREA milling machine by NC Service, not only has its production capacity increased but also the quality of the products made.